Extensive Network of International Agents

At Laser International, we know the international relocation trade inside and out. We have agent listings worldwide that contribute to making your move easy and successful.  As worldwide movers, our expansive company serves the short and  long term storage needs of private and corporate clients.  Our courteous and professional movers and automobile transporters are meticulous and respectful.


Household Goods

From packing boxes, to wrapping important pieces, our  household movers will coordinate the process for you. We’ve done this many times before and we can assist you right at your place. We’ll keep a detailed inventory of your goods during the pickup process.

delivery man and customer
hassle-free automobile transportation


Our automobile transportation service makes it easy and hassle-free. With the necessary equipment, service professionals will coordinate the shipment of your auto for you. We also have different services options to fit your specific need and budget, such as Roll On, Roll Off, Door to Door, Door to Port or even your own exclusive container.


We are a moving and a storage company at the same time. Our transportation warehouses will secure your goods in wooden crates when needed at any time. Custom storage options are available to meet your needs within a specified budget. Whether long-term or short-term, storage is definitely made easy!

forklift in the storage
man discussing the terms


We understand the things being relocated mean so much to you. Therefore, a line of added protection can serve you well. You can check with a dedicated Laser representative to see what insurance option best fits your protective needs. With our moving property insurance, delivery is more safe and sound!