Laser International provides a free review of competitive bids to verify the authenticity. Questions to Ask Every Company (PDF) is a useful document when evaluating multiple offers.


Laser International presents full customized pricing to meet the individual needs of each client. Get started today with a Free In-Home Survey.



Assigned Representative – Laser International assigns one representative to each client. By holding their sales representatives accountable from start to finish, Laser International has a high level of customer satisfaction.

Documentation – The same representative is responsible for quoting, invoicing, documenting insurance and inventory. This helps reduce the chance of error in the complex nature of international relocations.

Shipment Tracking – All shipments can be tracked by major checkpoints, departure from origin warehouse, departure from port of origin, arrival at port of destination, customs clearance, and arrival at destination warehouse. Clients can contact their assigned representative for details at any point in the process.

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International Only – Laser International is focused on international relocations only. International relocations are complex, involving different cultures, laws, language, currency, regulations and time zones. By specializing in international, Laser International offers greater knowledge and expertise than the average moving company.

High Quality – The Better Business Bureau ( rates companies on a scale of A+ to F and also lists the number of complaints filed in the past 36 months. Laser International holds an “A+” Rating with “0” complaints in the past 36 months. Laser International attributes the high rating to personalized service through single contact sales representatives and international focus.

Worldwide Agents – Laser International utilizes a highly developed network of agents. Through years of developing relationships, Laser International works only with approved agents who will maintain a high level of quality service and offer clients the best value possible.

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